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Victus July, 17 2014 Press Release VICTUS™ JULY 17, 2014


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Introducing the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform that extends your expertise with exceptional performance across cataract and corneal (LASIK flap) procedures.

In all of its features and capabilities, VICTUS is engineered to meet the standards of the clinician who truly embraces innovation. This highly advanced system is designed to provide greater precision than manual cataract surgery techniques, potentially enhancing the patient experience.


Curved Patient Interface

3-D cutting requires a static connection between laser and eye

  • Anatomically designed for patient comfort
  • Sterile, disposable, single-use

Intelligent Pressure Sensors

  • Real-time monitoring of the eye via multiple pressure sensors
  • Designed to reduce applanation of the cornea and minimize corneal folds

Procedure-Dependent Pressure Control

  • Anterior cornea/flap-cutting procedures

    – Pressure is optimized to provide a very stable corneal reference interface for precise depth control during the procedure
  • Capsulotomy

    – Pressure is optimized to minimize posterior corneal folds
  • Adjustable vacuum

    – Secure placement of suction ring on eye
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Real-time, high-contrast OCT* facilitates planning and control of procedures

*Optical coherence tomography.

Take 10 seconds to make a difference for 10 years. See what ophthalmologists are talking about.

Installation and orientation


Clinical application support

Comprehensive support and monitoring

Take 10 seconds to make a difference for 10 years. See what ophthalmologists are talking about.

Flexible 2-piece curved
patient interface offers:


Precise alignment designed to maintain the natural shape of the eye.
The VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform features advanced docking
technology to minimize the possibility of eye tilt or distortion.

The VICTUS docking system provides:


Optimized by Intelligent Pressure Sensors and the unique curved patient interface

VICTUS Intelligent Pressure Sensors

When the laser assembly docks, the Intelligent Pressure Sensors monitor the pressure between the docking device and the eye. A graphic display shows the radial pressure, while the graphical user interface shows the vertical pressure. Using this 3-dimensional pressure evaluation, the physician is able to center and stabilize the eye and select the optimal, procedure-specific downward pressure on the cornea.

The curved patient interface

Monitored by the Intelligent Pressure Sensors, the curved patient interface preserves the natural shape of the eye for all procedures. The unique, 2-piece design allows for flexible and gentle docking to virtually any eye. This is designed to minimize the possibility of posterior corneal folds or ripples, ensuring that the laser beam path will be unobstructed for precise cutting.

IPS Display
Take 10 seconds to make a difference for 10 years. See what ophthalmologists are talking about.
Take 10 seconds to make a difference for 10 years. See what ophthalmologists are talking about.
Laser Type Diode-pumped solid state laser (DpSSl)
Wavelength 1028 nm
Pulse Frequency 80 or 160 khz depending on procedure
Pulse Duration 400–550 fs
Power Supply 230 Vac ~ 50 hz/60 hz
Power Consumption Max. 3 kW
Weight 1800 lb with bed, unpackaged
Dimensions l: 81.7 in (without patient bed)
l: 82.7 in (with patient bed)
W: 32.5 in
H: 65.9 in
System Components Main laser unit
Patient bed included
Sterile patient interface kit
Visualization Real-time, high-contrast OCT
High-resolution video microscope
Optional external microscope
Patient Interface Intelligent Pressure Sensors
Curved interface with separate suction clip
Corneal Procedures LASIK flap
Cataract Capsulotomy and arcuate incisions
Room Conditions Temperature 64.4°f to 75.2°f, controlled to +/- 2°f humidity 30% to 50%, noncondensing free of dust and particles; no carpet no solvent, chemical liquids, or fumes floor under laser supports 15.6 lb/in2
Room Dimensions 11 ft 2 in x 12 ft 2 in (recommended)

Installation Requirements


VICTUS™ System Dimensions

Take 10 second to make a difference for 10 years

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